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Season Long Double's 18 Hole Match Play


*Johnson Park Cup Tournament Series Event*


Teams of 2 people will compete head to head in the Double's Match Play Tournament. Teams will be playing for a total of 3 points, only needing 2 points to win. Each player will receive 90% of their handicap. Team 1 Player A will play Team 2 Player A for 1 point, while B players play for the 2nd point.  The 3rd point will go to the team with the lowest combined net score. First round painings will be posted by May 17, 2019.  

*Green's fees are not covered in Match Play Tournament entry fee. Players are responsible for round fees each time they play.


Entry Fee per Person

Season Pass: $20   Player's Pass: $30   Public: $40


Double's 18 Hole Match Play sign up deadline is May 12, 2019.


Round Deadline Dates

1st Round: June 2

2nd Round: June 23

3rd Round: July 14

Quarter-Final Round: August 4

Semi-Final Round: August 25

Final Round: September 15

*Failure to complete Round by date results in Forfeit by both teams


Johnson Park Cup Points Breakdown

Champions: 1000 Points

Runners-Up: 800 Points

Semi-Final Finish: 600 Points

Quarter-Final Finish: 400 Points

Round of 16 Finish: 200 Points

Round of 32 Finish: 100 Points


Click to download the Double's Match Play entry form.