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​​​​​Download our FREE APP!        (262) 637-2840

Johnson Park offers a great opportunity to remember a loved one by purchasing a memorial bench, tree or plaque to be placed on the course.

Memorial Bench Program
A great way for a loved one to be remembered, a customized memorial bench can be purchased to be placed on the tee box or the park pavillion of your choice.     

This wonderfully designed memorial bench is made of composite plastic that looks identical to high quality wood. This material allows the bench to stay in great condition throughout the 8-month golf season. During the cold winter months, the benches will be brought inside to keep them warm.

The dimensions of the bench are 48” X 32” and are fully customized with any text.     Cost – $600

Memorial Tree Program 
 A customized memorial plaque and/or tree can be purchased to be placed on the golf course.

There are two options available:
Purchase a fully customized granite plaque. That granite plaque is 9″x 11” and is laid in concrete, for protection, at the base of a newly planted tree. You will be able to pick an existing tree or include with a new tree.    Cost – $150

Purchase a tree that can be planted on the course. The course will help decide what species to and where to plant the new tree. Johnson Park does this to follow our professionally laid out plan which will allow the tree to flourish and integrate with the course architecture. Cost will depend on the species and the size of the tree desired.       Prices vary from $1,000 – $3,000