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Beverages on the Course

Johnson Park GC is committed to making sure your guests have lots of fun! Having two beverage carts on the course to make sure they don't go thirsty is a big part of that!

Beverage carts will offer bottled water, soda, Gatorade, domestic, premium and craft beers and liquor drinks. Our new iPad sales systems offers players the ability to use credit cards and open a tab on the carts.

Beverages on the Course

Tickets will be printed by Johnson Park Staff and can be put on the carts or given to outing staff to pass out to guests. Tickets can be used any time on the beverage carts or the in the clubhouse.

  • Drinks Tickets: Bottle Soda, Water, Gatorade or Domestic Can of Beer ($3.00)
  • Open Tab Ticket: Outings will be billed for whatever the ticket was redeemed for. A limited for what the ticket can be redeemed for can be put on the ticket.
  • Open Tab Ticket: Outings will be billed for all beverages given to guests.

Please add 5.1% tax and 18% Gratuity to all purchases.

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